You can completely change the look of a home with paint. It is the most inexpensive way to achieve a new look. When stylizing your home, if you go with something that’s in style, you know that in a short while, it will be…er…out of style. We don’t have anything against building stuff in style, but do you really want to spend your hard earned money on a floor that’s designed to last 100 years and tear it out in 15 because of style issues? We’re just thinking of your money, is all…and of what might save you a lot of it in the future. It’s more cost effective to use inexpensive things to stylize and the more expensive things you want to go with are things that are timeless to ensure your floor that will last over a hundred years won’t go out of style. We believe painting is a way you can be in style and not spend a fortune to stay in style vs. changing your flooring which may be stone or wood (rare wood from the rainforest) or changing your cabinets or layout of your house with new paint and a few accessories like curtains your towels and rugs, you can virtually change the style of your home without spending a fortune, if you didn’t use the flooring and cabinets to stylize it. If you used the cabinets and flooring to stylize the home, it will need to be changed and will cost BOOCCU dollars. Along with stylization, paint is also used to protect wood and walls from the elements. 

There’s many types of paints. From acrylic to polyester or latex, some are extremely strong and can be used as a wearing surface, such as a wood floor coated with polyerthane (you can walk on it, it’s waterproof). Other paint does little to protect, but enhances the feel and even sound of your house. You can use both paints too! Some finishes such as velvet or eggshell provide a soft look, but still are somewhat resistant to moisture and are cleanable. 

There’s many things to know about paint. We place a high value in doing our work with integrity and make sure that your new wall looks new when it’s complete. We also make sure that the wall is properly prepped so you don’t end up with premature peeling and flaking or rough spots. The paint is a seal that protects wood and walls and if there are any holes in the seal or if the seal is broken anywhere such as a small crack in between a baseboard and a wall or the corner of a windowsill, that wall or windowsill is not protected from moisture as moisture can get in and undermine structural integrity of the surface. We understand the chemistry of the different finishes and how the paint sticks. And we ensure those processes are taking place and we haven’t jeopardize the integrity of the material by using the right product on the right surface.

The pricing varies dramatically between high gloss finish where you can see every mistake vs. a satin finish that hides mistakes, imperfections and even dirt and smudges. Hence, the process of painting a grand piano is much more complicated than painting a bathroom door.  The high gloss piano finish must be perfect before applying the paint, whereas the semi-gloss for the bathroom door can have more imperfections than the grand piano.

Paint is an ever-changing technology that has to comply with the local environmental protection laws of the local governments. Paints also can release fumes and toxins into the surrounding environment and into your home where you can breathe them. This is another consideration in choosing paint. Most paint products require certain conditions of temperature and humidity during the application process.

We will try to achieve these environmental specifications to ensure the proper installation and functionality of the paint or coating. This may require some painting jobs to be scheduled during certain months of the year.