Landscaping is the design of your yard or land. This includes banks, hillsides, elevations, plants, trees, flowers, birds and other wildlife along with ecosystems. Landscapes provide more than just aesthetics, they can also provide you with food and water, and can keep your house from flooding and it can also consume a lot of your waste. 

For thousands of years, humans have lived outdoors. It’s been embedded deep in our DNA. Families have sat around a fire since the day it was discovered. This is where families educated and communicated by telling stories around the fire. This is how the elders taught the young about their family history and contemplated deep philosophies.

There’s many aspects to a landscaping project. One of the newest concepts is outdoor rooms. This is a roof to stay dry under and pony walls to block some wind. Also, a fireplace and comfortable seating like couches, chairs, a table for eating and even an outdoor kitchen area complete with a barbeque, sink, fridge and ample counterspace for food preparation.

You can have many seating areas and beautiful walkways complete with trees, flowers, bushes and grass. Landscaping not only provides you with shade and beauty, but also protects your land from erosion and flooding while providing for many ecosystems that benefit the planet. 

Not only are the trees, birds and grass alive, but also the dirt. It is also alive and part of the ecosystem. It contains worms that turn organic matter into life-giving nutrients. The health of the soil is an important aspect to landscaping. The trees and grass not only feed the soil, but they also protect the soil and the microorganisms that live in the soil from the sun and retain the moisture. 

The landscape design sustains the biodiversity of the soil, which overalls improves its ability to sustain life. 

At DEITE Contracting, we don’t just dump healthy soil on top of the dirt and expect that it will sustain life all for but a few years. Our landscape designs are engineered to constantly feed the soil and keep it healthy and then 20 years later, instead of it being depleted, it will be able to sustain more and more and more life. 

We design your house so that it builds itself!

We also build green houses and gardens. 

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