Interior & Exterior Remodeling

Interior Remodels

With interior remodeling you can create more usable space without adding square footage to the home. You can completely change the feel of your home by moving walls, increasing the size of the room and create more usable spaces such as a kitchen that you can remove a wall in the kitchen make the kitchen bigger and part of another room joining the two together into what they call a Great Room. 

You can also change the style and feel with new flooring. 

When the same flooring is used throughout the home it ties the rooms together as if they were the same room creating a more open space feel without actually opening anything up.

You can change a bedroom into an office. Add new stair banisters and built in cabinetry. New electrical fixtures and lighting and plumbing fixtures such as a sink and bathtubs or showers. Making your home better living space for you and your family. 

Exterior Remodels

You could remodel the exterior of your home, giving it an updated look using brick or stone, lighting, with a few build outs and elevation drops on the exterior of the house, you may not even recognize the house. With some concrete work, or maybe a front porch design, you definitely be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood by improving the whole ambience of the neighborhood. 

Landscaping is another facet of an exterior remodel that can completely change the look and feel of your home. Plus, provide shade and other practical uses in outdoor living. 

Remodeling isn’t necessary increasing the square footage of your home. It doesn’t have to be bigger in order to be bigger. Of course with remodeling, without adding square footage to the home, when you add one space to one room, you are always subtracting room from another. The key is to subtract the space from areas you don’t use and add area to the spaces you do. 

An exterior remodel consists of: windows, exterior doors, stone and masonry work, electrical for ambient lighting and paint with some possible landscaping.