Flooring includes wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, terrazzo, stone and polished concrete. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to flooring and can make a huge difference in the way you view your home.

For instance, if you use the same flooring throughout a particular level of your home, this makes the home feel much bigger, connecting the rooms together. And using different flooring in a single room, can make your room compartmentalized, giving the feel of small, chopped up areas. This can make the room look busy, dramatically changing the aesthetics. 

Doing hallways and corridors in a hard surfaced flooring such as wood or tile can save a lot of money in carpet. For instance, if you have all the bedrooms and hallways in carpet and you spill some red wine in the master bedroom, now you have to change all the carpet in all the rooms vs. just changing the one bedroom with the stain. This allows you to buy carpet remnants or carpet that is similar in color and since the carpet doesn’t touch the other carpets in the other bedrooms, it doesn’t have to match exactly. You won’t notice it. This allows you to buy remnants vs. huge rolls of expensive carpeting. This works especially nice for rentals because most of the time, carpet needs to be removed and changed between tenants. 

By having the rooms less than 12′ wide eliminates the need for seams, making carpet easy to install, the homeowner may be able to remove, replace and install new carpet for him or herself vs. calling a professional that knows how to seam and glue carpet together.

At DEITE Contracting, we can go over these money saving ideas with the homeowner during a consultation appointment. 

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