Electrical & Lighting


We not only install lighting fixtures but help you with the design of your ambient lighting and mood setting. Back lighting means you don’t see a lightbulb but you see a light reflect off the wall so you don’t have to have any harsh light enter your eyes. The type of lighting color of light is an important consideration, not just what the fixture looks like. A common mistake is after your house is all done you want this big painting hung with an art light shining on it. This would require you to cut open your brand new wall or have a wire hanging down to plug into the wall. 

This can be aesthetically unpleasing. We can help you with this planning.


Solar Power & MORE

DEITE Contracting can do solar, wind energy and alternative power solutions, as well as complete off-the-grid services. We also do home automation such as lights turning on automatically or turn off automatically as you leave a room. This saves LOTS of energy… 

We do cabinet lighting, complete soundsystems, intercoms, networks wiring and security systems, interior and exterior lighting, ambient and aesthetic lighting. You name it, we can wire that! Even those yard lights such as tree lighting along with your standard. We also do those heated floors.

We can install prewiring devices such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, etc. Remote control ceiling fans, cable, switches, outlets, washer dryer, utilities. Gas and electric both behind the stove in case you choose to change which appliance to use, it’s compatible no matter what. 

Design your home so it’s energy-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing, and practical by design. We can help you strategize your monthly overhead by keeping your house energy efficient.