Design Services

Access Homestyler Free App to Design Your Floor Plan!

A lot goes into the design of a house. We can help you design the aesthetics of the home. There’s a lot to know about color, mood, feel, practicality and open spaces. You may want your sink in a central location rather than off to the side in the kitchen for functionality. You may want to place a window over the sink to look out of as you cook or wash dishes. Or you might want your kitchen open to the living space so you can still be with your family who is in the living room and can still watch the TV. You may want your laundry room to be upstairs where the changing of clothes goes on so you don’t have to carry the laundry up and down the stairs. Or maybe you want it in the basement with a laundry shute. 

Also, the design of the home can make life easy and effortless or very tedious and hard if not designed right. 

Also with design considerations of being able to change your design without big expensive remodels such as using designs that would work in both elegant, rustic or modern homes. Being able to change the look and feel of your home with paint, fixtures and furniture rather than having to tear out your main investment. If you design your home right, you can go from an elegant to a rustic design just as simple as by changing your towel rack, assuring you can keep your investment through the different stages of styles. People go with these trends and they put towards too much money they think it’ll be there forever. 10 and 20 years later, and they’re tearing out their beautiful marble floors and replacing it with generic wood plank tile. Instead of going this expensive route, if you wanted to change your style, it would be cheaper just to paint and change fixtures rather than tear floors out and walls down and cabinets. These are things to consider when first thinking of how to design or redesign your home. Having hard surfaces in the corridors or hallways allows you to change carpet or change styles in one room without tearing out the entire house’s carpet and flooring.

We can discuss design ideas that can be very cost effective and advise you while you create a plan for designing your home. 

With AutoCad and AutoDesk Revit, we can render a video showing you a basic idea of what your home will look like before you build it. So you can see your finished idea, look at it and make changes and adjustments it, before construction starts. It is a virtual video walkthrough.