One of the first steps to building your project is meeting with a contractor.

This does not mean that you’ve given the job to this contractor. You have not hired the contractor yet at this meeting.

The meeting will give you and the contractor clarity on what it is you want done or built.

This may inspire many new questions to mind and so, a second consultation may be necessary to give you a chance to think about the factors surrounding new insights.

The meeting will give you and the contractor clarity on what it is you want done or built.

This may inspire many new questions to mind and so, a second consultation may be necessary to give you a chance to think about the factors surrounding new insights.


At DEITE Contracting, our intent when we consult is to always provide you with information that will greatly help you make the right decisions for your project.

The contractor is there for you to ask questions regarding the project, on what is possible and what is not, and maybe some generalized cost-associated questions about the unique design ideas you may have in order to optimize your project budget. This meeting will not end with a bid or the calculated cost required to perform the work. Typically the contractor will explain this to you step-by-step; the process of what to expect for your particular project. 

Every job, big or small, is going to need at least two in-home consultations. 

These two consultations are given for FREE, no matter what size the job. 


At the first consultation, we will discuss the general needs of your project and refer to any extenuating circumstances that may cause a delay in the determination of the total cost of your project. Depending on how much the project demands and how many aspects of the project are covered during the first consultation, what it needs and what we know based on the information available, the next step would be to schedule a second consultation in order to revisit and refine your needs for your project by addressing any new, specific questions or concerns you may have. 

For smaller jobs, we may provide you with a bid at this meeting.


By the second consultation, you’ll probably have a pretty good sense of what you want and what you can do with what you have. If the project to be determined is small, which is any project that does not require any permits to be pulled, following this meeting, the contractor can put together a bid that can take up to 5 business days. Once the bid is written, the contractor will contact you to give you your bid and the time it will take to complete the entire project. After this, you can either take the bid and make further adjustments to better fit your budget, time allowances, project needs, etc. or hire DEITE Contracting to perform the work.


On larger jobs, such as new homes or major remodels, there must be scheduled a third consultation upon which a $400 fee may be due to cover the cost for the general contractor to meet with other subcontractors to get their bids, which can take up to two hours per subcontractor to go over the job. The $400 fee will be discussed at the first consultation if one is required before continuing.

Smaller jobs will not require a $400 upfront fee.

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This contingent fee pays for services rendered of verifying codes and restrictions that may prohibit the work that is being requested. That way, a properly estimated price can be made available to you for your project. A bid can be obtained only after the engineer and architect draw up the blueprints. Then we know exactly how much material is needed and can provide you with a bid for your project. It’s a lot of work to give an accurate bid!  


After consultations are complete and the homeowner has decided to move forward with DEITE Contracting, an engineer and architect will be required to hire in order to draw the blueprints. Anytime you construct a new building or add structural changes to an existing structure will require an engineer and an architect to draft floor plans and blueprints. 

This will require a payment for the services of the architect and engineer. The blueprints are what the City of Portland’s Planning and Development department need in order to approve and issue permits on. More often than not, this can be a very lengthy process. 

We will immediately notify you once these are completed.

After the blueprint for your project is completed, an accurate estimation will be given to calculate the total cost of your project. A contract is then prepared for signing with a start date for your project. This may take up to 10 business days given that all the subcontractors have submitted their bids to the general contractor. 

The blueprints are yours to keep no matter which contractor you decide to hire for building your project. You can give these blueprints to other general contractors to bid on. It’s always good to get bids from at least three different contractors. The cheapest price is not always the best deal. 

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The phases of construction and payment schedule will be explained before contract signing. Some jobs require a payment before the first phase of construction. 

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Depending on the job, a start up payment may be required on or just before the project start date