About Us

We are a general contracting company based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in residential interior and exterior homes. We are also a passionate, family-oriented team driven to provide excellent craftsmanship and customer service in each and every home project. We want to be recognized for our precision work, our ethical standards as a diverse-friendly company, and the noticeable timely completions of your projects.


We have cared for our job in customer and referral construction services for over 25 years and enjoy working with top-notch subcontractors.


Our Mission Statement


By remaining committed and consistent with this as our value statement, we honor our craft through producing services that constitute for us a quality ethical business experience, owned and operated to ensure a mutually beneficent result with our clients.
We understand that doing the right thing for the right reason at all costs naturally pays off for us and the homeowner in the end.

Construction is all about solving great problems. No two jobs are usually the same. They all present unique circumstances and challenges. 

At DEITE CONTRACTING, it’s all about creativity. And being able to overcome those challenges in such a way that it will return a retained cost effectiveness, a way that retains the structural integrity of the job without failure, which is our crucial objective for achieving success in a project. 

Don and Amanda Deitemeyer began operation of DEITE Contracting LLC in Winter 2019. While Amanda attended her final semester training in AutoCad after completing her Bacherlor of Arts program in Visual Performing Arts and Technology, Don began creatively visualizing the type of quality work that could be of use and effective for a thriving community. 

By using his +25 years worth experience in mechanical engineering, physics and building technology, Donald achieved his Oregon license and begun to invest in his contracting career. Taking care of twins, and a one-year old, Don and Amanda started DEITE Contracting LLC, appearing on Yelp, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor. Both currently reside in the Pacific Northwest.

Company Ethics

Our Portland, Oregon based company tends to place its highest priority on gentle, friendly, and resourceful management services. Devoted to the responsible care of our environment, we strive to help sustain the planet by putting forth conscientious efforts to protect Earth’s ecosystems. 

Additionally we treat all people of all walks of life with being fair, with dignity, to giving our attention with respect. We are committed to listening closely to each individual’s needs and by giving our attention to the serious details of every project. We will guide you through an easy, simple and give complete explanations that will help direct you through each stage of the construction process so that there are no surprises. In fact, our consultations are free. It’s time to get some answers.

Please feel free to send us a message at deitecontracting@gmail.com

Or call and/or text us at: (503) 849-0077. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

DEITE Contracting Guideline of Ethical Standards


We don’t hide issues in the contract or on the job site. We are transparent about how money is allocated on the job and will continue to inform you regarding situational changes that inevitably come with the unforeseeable circumstances that happen on any project or anything that may affect your budgeting goals. 

For example, if we suddenly discover structural damage such as termites or rotten wood, we will immediately notify you of any contract amendments before proceeding with work. Learn more >>>


We will explain everything to you so there are no hidden costs or surprises. Strong communication is our promise to you as we listen attentively to your housing project goals and offer our consultation in respectful regard to your desired results. At DEITE Contracting of Portland, we are obsessed with prioritizing friendly, courteous, positive and supportive customer service to optimize and enhance your planning and project development experience. 

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Not only in our business practice do we stay true to maintaining integrity through our words and actions, but also through our commitment to careful research and development methods. We are up on all the newest technology and have even studied extensively on interesting, practical, ancient engineering techniques that can help cut the cost on modern day building. We also know that newer doesn’t always equate to better, and will always do what is best to support our customers and our society.


This guarantee will naturally fulfill our promise to you that the art of running a successful enterprise is by keeping our attention on what matters most to the “do unto others” principle of sharing, safekeeping and cost savings. At DEITE Contracting LLC, we persist through values such as integrity, communication, transparency and all of the above, yet we personally would like to specialize in securing the success of giving you the utmost confidence in your housing decision projects.